In the Spanish and Italian versions of Back to the Future, Marty wasn’t known as Calvin Clein by his 50s parents, but LEVI STRAUSS



one of the greatest pixar moments; a family thats ok with you coming 2nd 

they were hiding their identities as superheros not making a statement

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Them: I don't think kids should be exposed to gay relationships.
You: Why not?
Them: It's introducing children to sexuality! They're too young for that!
You: So when a prince and princess kiss in a Disney movie, are they introduced to sexuality? When the prince and the princess get married and have a child, is that introducing your child to sexuality?
Them: NO! But if they see a man and a man, or a woman and a woman together... they're going to start asking questions! Like how a man and a man can... you know, do anything together.
You: You think the only thing people think when they see a gay couple is "I wonder how they have sex"? Furthermore, you think a CHILD is going to even know what that means? When the prince and the princess kiss, does your 4 year old daughter ask, "mommy, how do people have intercourse"? No. She just sees two people in love. If you remember when you were a kid, you probably didn't think about sex every time you saw two people happy together.
Them: But it'll bring up all kinds of questions, it'll confuse my child!
You: Then be a fucking parent and explain it to your child. The only question that might be brought up is "mom, why don't you want gay people to be happy?". And when you don't have a good answer for that question, you can look your child in the eye and say "It's because I'm a bigot".



you lost me at superwh

Why won’t anyone let me pitch my superwhales idea

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Draw 4, muthafuckas.
By: The Awesome Geothebio :)


Draw 4, muthafuckas.

By: The Awesome Geothebio :)

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straight boys dress like randomised sims


ah yes your average straight boy

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Sam Winchester in every season - Season 1

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i was going to go have a smoke and i took the elevator and the door opened and i saw this guy and i dunno he was very handsome so i wondered what he did at the same place as me and he noticed, he gets out- i get in and he goes ‘why are you looking so surprised?’ and i said ‘i just am’ and he goes ‘looks cute on you’ i blushed sooooo badly


My math professor is really attractive.

You stop that.

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yeah that ship is cute but does it have a windows movie maker ‘every time we touch’ amv made of uncredited fanart?

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Fun things to say when someone tells you they’re going to go to the bathroom:

  • Stay safe
  • Congratulations
  • That’s what they all say
  • Different strokes for different folks
  • I hope you have the time of your life
  • But you have so much to live for
  • Please explain
  • think of me
  • Don’t fall in
  • I’ll alert the media
  • Good luck
  • Have fun
  • Mention my name and you’ll get a good seat

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Anonymous said: what are some of your biggest turn offs for girls?


I feel like answering this is a bad idea

Halfway down the aisle, Jamie suddenly seemed to tire, and they stopped while she caught her breath…It was, I remembered thinking, the most difficult walk anyone ever had to make. In every way, a walk to remember.

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